Coast to Coast Services is a division of Craft Services.

Craft Services was established in California in 1993.

Craft Services has self-contained food trailers in Boston, California and New Orleans.

Craft Services in conjunction with Coast to Coast Concessions has been providing breakfast, lunch, and dinners as well as snacks during the production of major motion picture movies.

A partial list of our movie clients:

Boston's Finest - 2010
Knight and Day - 2009
Zoo Keeper - 2009
Grown Ups - 2009
Edge of Darkness - 2008
The Surrogates - 2008
The Proposal - 2008
The Clique - 2008
The Maiden Heist - 2007
The Women - 2007
The Game Plan - 2006


pig and lamb roast Rob Coppola and Adam Sandler